Dresden Files Detroit

So it begins

Sleipnir was tasked by his benifactor to find a man for him. Sadly, he was only given a deck of cards that once belonged to the man. Through the help of his companions (Taikon, Ki and Ludolf), they tracked the man down to Lucky’s Pub in Southeast Detroit.

Upon arrival, they heard noises from the alley. “I don’t have it, I swear I don’t know where it is,” a paniced voice uttered. After a scuffle and a gutteral scream, the party decided to check out the alley.

The alley was cramped, Irish Rock blasted from a nearby door. A tall man stood above a body laying limp on the ground. Soon, a fight broke out. The man seemed inhuman, and fought so as well. After breaking Taikon’s nose and bruising some of Ki’s ribs, the man was defeated and turned to a pile of goo. Ki darted into the club via the side-door, Taikon found Matthew Harris’ wallet and reciept from the MGM Grand for a $50,000 loan on the body still in the alley, while the bouncers at the door took notice of Sleipnir’s and Ludolf’s weapons.

Taikon quickly followed Ki into the club and informed him about Matthew Harris. Ki located a companion in the pub, Dexter Arron Burris. Dexter knew Matthew from his gambling days. Matthew was in Lucky’s a few days previous boasting about a “big job”.

Sleipnir had a few words with Tony the bouncer before deciding to take a seat and wait. When Taikon and Ki exit the pub, they are greeted by several police officers arriving on scene.


Detroit was once an industrial empire. Empires crumble, and Detroit was no exception. With the crime rate rising and the factories leaving, so too have the people and money. The city is broke, beaten, battered and torn. The few remaining mortals worry they will outlive the city they once loved.

The high crime rates have spurred another world, though. Hidden from the eyes of the layman, vampires rule the streets. From the drug trade to the dance scene, nothing happens that isn’t under the scrutiny of the White and Red Court. ATM the White and Red Courts would rather feed than fight. As the population dwindles, it’s only a matter of time before a war breaks out.


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